• Rolando Emmanuelli Jiménez

    Rolando Emmanuelli is a Puerto Rican lawyer and photographer. His photographs portray the scenery, culture and people of Puerto Rico. He has been practicing photography since childhood. His art has gained recognizance in recent years. His photographs have won contests in the Puerto Rico.

    Professional Experience:

    Bufete Emmanuelli, C.S.P.

    1988 - Present
    Assume full responsibility in all areas of firm operations, serving as chief litigation attorney and overseeing all senior leaders, attorneys, and administrative professionals. Manage finance, marketing, customer acquisition, relations, and retention activities, and public relations; lead firm strategic planning, operational procedure and process design, and community participation. Provide firm website design and management. Litigate the full range of civil and criminal cases, representing both plaintiffs and defendants.

    Diverse legal background with 20 years’ experience providing leadership to and advising on a variety of business development, marketing, operational, and strategic planning functions to include litigation, corporate compliance, high-level negotiations, and commercial contracts. Wide ranging expertise across an array of industries and sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, technology, government, and commercial / residential. Serve as public legal expert and leader through law school-level instruction, publication, weekly participation in print and broadcast media, and executive roles within community and professional organizations.

    ** Corporate leadership, collaborating with top executives to align the course of legal and compliance activities with immediate objectives and long-range vision.

    ** Winning process improvement strategies and recommendations, constantly evaluating opportunities to enhance compliance and minimize exposure.

    ** Broad-based legal expertise demonstrated through roles of public prominence in print and broadcast media, community and professional organizations, and university teaching positions.

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Supongo que el discurso será que con la

Supongo que el discurso será que con la Reforma Laboral esto va a revertir. 5,500 empleos perdidos en sector privado http://ht.ly/OMAQ30amCdF


El despido injustificado conforme a la L

El despido injustificado conforme a la Ley 80, según enmendada por la Reforma Laboral: http://ht.ly/uucy30aklJO

Obtenga gratis el nuevo libro multimedio

Obtenga gratis el nuevo libro multimedios del Bufete Emmanuelli: La quiebra puede ser la solución: https://itun.es/i67M3Zr

Comparto mi columna sobre el Título V de

Comparto mi columna sobre el Título V de PROMESA y los recortes de Trump a la EPA: http://www.elnuevodia.com/opinion/columnas/trumpantiambientalismoypromesa-columna-2303920/

Bufete Emmanuelli, C.S.P. está publicand

Bufete Emmanuelli, C.S.P. está publicando serie de artículos sobre el despido luego de la Reforma Laboral: http://ht.ly/amRJ30agZwm

Publican serie de artículos informativos

Publican serie de artículos informativos sobre el despido en Puerto Rico luego de la Reforma Laboral:

Otro ángulo sobre la aplicación de PROME

Otro ángulo sobre la aplicación de PROMESA: Trump, antiambientalismo y PROMESA: http://www.elnuevodia.com/opinion/columnas/trumpantiambientalismoypromesa-columna-2303920/

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